Apozzibility: «Flurina Rothenberger»

Veröffentlicht am: Mon, 27/07/2015 Flurina Rothenberger, I love to dress like I am coming from somewhere and I have a place to go

Text: Apozzibility, 27.07.2015


Africa is not a country! This unique, new picture book opens a small window onto a large world. It shows everyday life in the most varied corners of a vast continent. The images are colorful, calm and trivial, observant, contradictory at times, but always precious and genuine. Swiss born and raised in West Africa, photographer FLURINA ROTHENBERGER shows us a reality far from the stereotypes and clichés of Western media coverage. The book’s title – I love to dress like I am coming from somewhere and I have a place to go – is a quote from Nigerian student Oyebamire Bola, one of the many people Rothenberger owes this picture book to. HAMMER graphic designers Sereina Rothenberger (a sister of Flurina) and David Schatz had access to ten years of the photographer’s work from which they culled and edited the images juxtaposed in the book. Enjoy a glimpse at African everyday life on a hot summer day, feel the heat, taste the dust, imagine its scent, the rhythm and the sound.

FLURINA ROTHENBERGER – «I LOVE TO DRESS LIKE I AM COMING FROM SOMEWHERE AND I HAVE A PLACE TO GO», Images from the African Continent 2004-14, published by EDITION PATRICK FREY, book design by Sereina Rothenberger and David Schatz of HAMMER, softcover, 264 pages, 253 photographs, 13.5 x 18 cm, EUR 38. A LIMITED EDITION POSTER, silk screen print, 89.5 x 128 cm, is available at HAMMER shop.