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Veröffentlicht am: Tue, 03/06/2014 Beni Bischof, Psychobuch

Artist BENI BISCHOF‘s new publication PSYCHOBUCH presents an extensive overview of his work to date. It is a wildly rampant, multimedia conglomerate, held together by a dense visual network of recurring topics and visual themes. Back in 2005 BENI BISCHOF began publishing laser-copied magazines to distribute his drawings, collages, and texts. The speed of production suited his impetuous, prolific output. It was not long before he found additional outlets for his obsession by adding sculpture, painting, and installations to his repertoire. Using ordinary everyday items, Bischof creates bizarre objects distorted with plaster and paint. He applies similar techniques to ready-made found images modifying them digitally and mechanically. BENI BISCHOF‘s work is like the bizarre aftermath of a creative tornado. Enjoy his world in PSYCHOBUCH an elaborate artist’s book in it’s own right.

BENI BISCHOF – PSYCHOBUCH, designed by Maison Standard, softcover, 600 pages, 2’039 color images, 31 × 23 cm, published by EDITION PATRICK FREY 2014, CHF 88. – PRE-ORDER HERE or get your copy at the book launch June 2, 6pm, at GALERIE MILIEU in Bern, June 3, 6pm, at KUNST HALLE SANKT GALLEN, or June 19, 7pm, at LISTE Art Fair Basel at the booth of GALERIE SOMMER & KOHL.