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Veröffentlicht am: Tue, 15/07/2014 William Leavitt, THE PARTICLES (of White Naugahyde)

“Don’t you miss driving your car?” asks Jackie Macias, weekend visitor and structural reflex counselor, to Nina Alexander, the wife of Tom, an inventor. “We have a space flight simulator,” Nina replies, “which is pretty trippy.” The circumstances of this exchange merit a little explanation.
The Alexanders—husband, wife, and two kids—are auditioning for a NASA space program. If they qualify, they’ll be sent to a space colony, plans for which are presumably at an advanced stage. While still stuck on Earth, their lives seem to be nevertheless somewhat lunar, starting with their home, one in “a track of houses at the edge of the edge of the desert.” In the living room stands a slippery, greasy, annoyingly new-looking couch—a white Naugahyde sofa, around which hover the characters of this play written, directed, and with a set design by William Leavitt. Never mind that the script is being published over two years after THE PARTICLES debuted in Los Angeles, in 2012: it’s a catch.
Editions Patrick Frey, Zurich