A Pozzibiliy for Annabelle.ch: «Beni Bischof Texte»

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Text: apozzibility / 12. März 2015

“Everybody’s got to believe in something. I believe I’ll have another beer.” BENI BISCHOF‘s new publication TEXTE comes in disguise. Its color, size, and book design mock the “little yellow books” by RECLAM every student of German language is familiar with. You might not have had much fun with Reclam’s classic literature. However, this little quirky fake will crack you up. Written not to stress today’s average attention span of eight seconds, the book mimics an ongoing text or chat thread. Clippings, snippets of song lyrics, advertising slogans, random quotes, and jokes alternate with pizza wisdom and porn movie titles. With the book’s title “Texte 1″, we may expect sequels to this entertaining first body of reprints. “If a book about failure doesn’t sell, is it a success?”

TEXTE by BENI BISCHOF, written in English and German, published by EDITION PATRICK FREY, designed by Samuel Bänziger, softcover, 320 pages, 10.8 × 17.7 cm, CHF 20. The book was published on the occasion of the artist’s solo show at KUNSTMUSEUM ST. GALLEN (February 13–June 21, 2015).