Based on a True Story

RothStauffenberg’s work encompasses the realm of film. Mostly their works are real film sets, only visible through a window, in which light, tone, and music, morph. As in time compressed films, however, without actors and without plot. RothStauffenberg discuss these fictions with the North Korean born film director Shin Jun-chul. 70-year old Shin now lives in Mosambique, where he moved to after independency rolled in, in 1977, to help build a new cinema there. RothStauffenberg held a masked ball in the Grande Hotel in Beira, Mosambique 2007, and made a movie. Once, “the Pride of Africa”, now over 3,000 people live there without electricity or running water.

The book shows the work of RothStauffenberg, tries, however, to also portray the work of Shin Jun-chul. The conversation is about authenticity, dictators, about sex, about disappearance, and it is about fiction as language.

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