Black Sea Diary

For this project at the 1993 Venice Biennial, Felix Stephan Huber and Philip Pocock traveled across Hungary, Bulgaria, and Romania to the Black Sea. On their trip they constantly faxed their diary entries, photos, drawings, texts, and found imagery to the Electronic Café at the Venice Biennial. They wanted to create a (near) live situation, using often unsophisticated local communications technology, a portable computer with a fax modem, and a digital camera. One of their primary interests was the unsettling dimension added by transmissions errors, wrong codes, truncated signals, patterns of digital errors, white noise—the entropy of data transmission. Black Sea Diary shows the unedited results of this almost archaic looking project in digital tourism.

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1. Auflage 1993
Hardcover, 120 Seiten, 105 S/W-Abbildungen
28.6 × 20.3 cm
ISBN: 978-3-905509-11-3