I Grew up on the Back of a Water Ox

I Grew up on the Back of a Water Ox is an artistic project that uniquely juxtaposes the calculated pictorial language of advertising with the emotionally charged, unintentional beauty of private photography. The result is a book in which an extraordinary advertising campaign interwines with an immigrant’s oral history, laconically but breath-takingly told.

Lee has been the face of Lily’s Stomach Supply for more than ten years. Lee came to Europe from Thailand in the 1970s. First to Germany, then to Switzerland. She stands for the Zurich based panasian restaurant’s unconventional and surprising advertising campaign. A.C. Kupper has directed the design for this project from the outset. Lee, who ist actually called Jintana Junhom, is not a fictious figure, but an authentic protagonist who is closely connected to Lily’s in many ways. A.C. Kupper has made Lee, a face that has changed over time and yet remains familiar and recognizable, into its visual communication icon. This book takes us through the world of Lily’s Stomach Supply and Lee’s life, featuring wonderful private photographs, advertisements, slogans and design. Esther Epstein met Lee regularly and talked to her about her life and has now made these conversations into a fascinating true story about a woman who came to Zurich from Bangkok. Cello Rohr & Stefan Tamò are catering entrepreneurs from Zurich (Josef, Italia, Mobile Cuisine, Primitivo) and they also initiated Lily’s Stomach Supply—from 1999 in Langstrasse in Zurich and from 2003 in Rebgasse in Basel.

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1. Auflage 2010
Softcover, 150 Seiten, 40 S/W-Abbildungen 65 Farbabbildungen
25 × 31 cm
ISBN: 978-3-905509-87-8