A shot away some flowers

Swiss Artist Stephan Banz investigates in his videos—now more than 150 tapes—the seemingly unspectacular reality of his family life and everyday environment. His tapes feature his two children, himself, or his rabid neighbor as protagonists. The children’s room, the stairwell of his own apartment, a forest nearby, the lake: Banz discovers the strange and alien at the heart of his familiar world. At a time when documentary soaps and their trademark dissolution of the boundaries between the private and the public have become standard television fare, Banz is looking for yet another approach to intertwining the private and the public, beyond merely titillating sensationalism and trivial psychological truisms. His video stills are glimpses of quotidian fairy tale—uncanny, playful, and humorous.

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1. Auflage 1999
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Hardcover, 168 Seiten, 72 Farbabbildungen
12 × 16.5 cm
ISBN: 978-3-905509-28-1