Siedlungen, Agglomerationen

The images of suburbia by Peter Fischli and David Weiss reveal both the dullness and the polish of the suburban sprawl. They open our eyes to the pervasive, yet difficult to determine atmosphere at the heart of this no-man's land: Clusters of modern apartment buildings with balconies that look like military command centers; parking lots surrounded by flaming yellow forsythias; completely sanitized town centers at the intersection of two freeways—the changing seasons seem to cast the spell of an eerily heightened everyday on them.

Always looking through the camera at eye level, Fischli/Weiss create straight, hyper-conventional views without the slightest distortions on the most real of all living environments between city and country side. It is a pitiless, imperturbably loving look at suburbia, an artistic variation of participating observation.

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1. Auflage 1993
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