Stars of Suburbia

A woman, new to her neighbourhood, meets another woman on the street. They start talking, and soon they become close friends, sharing the ups and downs of their lives. They call each other, write letters, give each other presents, discuss their boyfriends, and share their secrets.

This might sound like an ordinary story, but Gabriele Gründler tells it in a new and unique way. Studying at an English art college, Gabriel Gründler worked on a thesis on portraiture. Soon, she started to ask herself whether showing a human face or body is an appropriate way to convey someone’s personality. She decided to find a new approach to portraiture. Stars of Suburbia is the result of her queries. She tells the story of Mrs H. and Mrs G. by showing us the letters they wrote and the gifts they gave to each other, thus creating an extraordinarily intimate and dense account of their lives and their perception of each other. Stars of Suburbia is the moving, immediate portrait of two ordinary women. It celebrates the emotional richness and complexity of friendship, while making us aware of the limits and possibilities of portraiture.

EUR 36,00
EUR 18,00
1. Auflage 2007
Hardcover, 96 Seiten, 44 Farbabbildungen
19.2 × 24 cm
ISBN: 978-3-905509-34-2