Photographs and other reports from the inside of an unusual house. With contributions by former housemates, such as Andres Lutz, Pipilotti Rist, Ruth Schweikert, Patrick Walder, Peter Weber, and many others.

“Although the rooms were usually full of smoke, there was a lot of oxygen at Zentralstrasse. Capturing this was the intention of this publication. From February 1995 until the last day of our temporary use of the building in October 1996, the house Zentralstrasse 150 in Zurich was a living space, receiver, breeding-ground, fluvial system, space, power station, switchboard. (…) The lyrical stands next to the anecdotal, complemented by contributions on urban development, house plants, body chemistry, space exploration, love, music, and other miracles, electricity.” — Peter Weber

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1. Auflage 1997
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