Manon is a Swiss artist. She studied art and acting in Zurich. In 1974, she created Salmon-Colored Boudoir, the first of many environments and mises-en scène of extras or of the artist herself. In late 1970s Paris, she turned to staged photography, which led to various black-and-white series including La dame au crâne rasé (“The Woman with the Shaved Head”). Shown in galleries in Germany and abroad and featured in various museum collections, to this day her works revolve around the themes of identity, eroticism and transience. Manon was awarded the Prix Meret Oppenheim in 2008. She is currently based in Zurich.

Annabelle: «Hommage an eine Grande Dame» Veröffentlicht am Wed, 20/11/2019
Book Launch: «Federn» Veröffentlicht am Wed, 11/12/2019