Hodel / Schumacher / Clavadetscher were a trio of artists from 1991 till Martin Hodel’s death in 1995. Martin Hodel and Eric Schumacher were students in Vienna in those years, Andrea Clavadetscher in Zürich. They planned exhibitions and projects together, sending drawings back and forth between the two cities or from their travels.

Employing a wide range of different media and materials, Hodel / Schumacher / Clavadetscher opened up their art to subcultural phenomena, including, in particular, techno.

Luftbad presents their works on paper, an essential aspect of their collaborative work. They would mail each other pictures, repeatedly overpainting and adding to them until they comprised several layers. Each sheet became a thick pictorial palimpsest, a veritable forest of sensual signs. Taken together, they form a pictorial universe in which influences from art history and pop culture, mythology and comic books, fuse as indissolubly as the artistic signatures of the three artists. The book is an exuberant visual labyrinth that invites us to immerse ourselves and enjoy losing our way.

Each book cover is unique, individually designed by Eric Schumacher and Andrea Clavadetscher.

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1. Auflage 2018
With texts by
Softcover, 280 Seiten, 280 Farbabbildungen
20 × 28.3 cm
ISBN: 978-3-906803-78-4
Sprache: German