Plots is a “big heap” of various materials, the artist’s own pictures as well as those of others, concepts and methods. A hundred drawing books serve as the starting point for conceptual works about entire mountain valleys, sculptures, construction sites, prints and dialogues. Diverse trains of thought and narrative lines are continually weaved anew into a multitude of works. Plots is a sequence of these illustrated threads, arranged according to theme, that meanders between handcraft, the production of pigments made from fruit fly eyes or a fictitious exhibition. This artist’s book is neither a documentation nor a monograph. It is an illustration of the search for a visual strategy. 

Michael Günzburger’s (b. 1974, Bern) work revolves around drawings and has been shown throughout Switzerland and internationally, for example in Mexico, Paris and Zurich. His work is represented both in private and public collections. His drawing books from 1991–2006 found their way into the Graphic Collection of the Swiss National Library. He is currently working on a series of sky drawings and is trying to print the fur of a living polar bear.      
EUR 70,00
1. Auflage 2013
Hardcover, 164 Seiten, 786 Farbabbildungen
25.5 × 37 cm
ISBN: 978-3-905929-32-4