Tage Buch

Tage Buch is a collective photographic diary capturing the everyday reality of Zurich in the last year of the last millenium.

It's an homage to Zurich by ten young photographers and 20 writers. The book combines 365 photographs and various written contributions (short stories, poems, essays, real or overheard dialogues) mirroring the diversity of the images. The book consciously celebrates subjective and heterogeneous viewpoints in image and text. 1999 as an occasion to capture the city of Zurich, its architecture, its inhabitants, its groove during the last year of the 20th century. It doesn't focus on the usual tourist attractions but rather on mundane, everyday views of Zurich, thus revealing unknown and uncommon aspects of the city.

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Out of print
1. Auflage 2000
Hardcover, 472 Seiten, 365 Farbabbildungen
20 × 11 cm
ISBN: 978-3-905509-29-8