From August 2007 to December 2008, Zurich-based club Zukunft (future) was in a state of emergency. Bored by ‘flyer-wars’ that were becoming increasingly ineffective, the club decided to reconfigure its monthly program as an art platform—a novelty in the Zurich club scene. A.C. Kupper (A.C. Kupper_Modern) was asked to help.

An eight-pages magazine containing six new, full-page works by the artist was created every month, in collaboration with the photographer PierLuigi Macor. The works by PierLuigi Macor are made under completely different conditions. They are tales of encounters with people who are sometimes connected only by a brief conversation, or who are observed from a greater distance. They are contrived images that have their origin in reality. Landscapes, streets and houses that also get by without names. They are fragments of that which is seen. Dignified and serene. Hovering in the unique moment that only photography knows: the present. (A.C. Kupper)

Most beautiful Swiss books, 2009

EUR 60,00
1. Auflage 2009
Hardcover, 120 Seiten, 84 Farbabbildungen
27.5 × 36.5 cm
ISBN: 978-3-905509-85-4