Marcia Resnick


Marcia Resnick, born in 1950 in Brooklyn, first exhibited her art at the Brooklyn Children's Museum when she was five years old. At sixteen she moved to Greenwich Village, birthplace of the counterculture and attended NYU, then the Cooper Union and shortly after received her MFA in photography from California Institute of the Arts. Resnick returned to New York where she taught photography by day and frequented the Mudd Club and CBGB at night, encountering and photographing the enfants terribles of the downtown arts and music scene. In 1975, she self-published artists’ books See, Landscape, and Tahitian Eve. Her portraits of iconic men were compiled for Punks, Poets and Provocateurs: New York City Bad Boys 1977–1982 by Insight Editions in 2015. Her photographs can be found in numerous books and periodicals, are exhibited internationally and are in major private and museum collections including MoMA, the Met, the Getty, the National Portrait Gallery and the Rijksmuseum, amongst others. Resnick lives and works in New York City.